Proceedings of the 3rd UUM International Qualitative Research Conference (QRC) 2018
ISBN: 978-967-0910-92-5
eISBN: 978/967-0910-93-2

Adura Ahmad
Hazeline Ayoup
Fathiyyah Abu Bakar

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No. Paper Page
102 A Conceptual Framework on Information Co-Creation: Bridging the Gap between Organizations and Consumers
Hayati Yusof , Azizah Ahmad, Lee Eng Keong
1 – 9
107 The Case of Child Abuse and Neglect: Identification of Non-accidental Injuries by Medical Professionals at the Emergency and Trauma Department
Anne Noor Sri Juwaneeta Jamaludin, Jennifer Oxley, Kia Fatt Quek
10 – 21
109 Chinese Entrepreneurial Capabilities and Practices: Case of Malaysian SME
Yeng Wai Lau, Wei Keng Cheah, Asna Atqa Abdullah
22 – 31
113 Ecological Influences on Youth Alcohol Consumption Patterns: Scoping Review on Studies within the Timeline of 2000-2015
Sangeeta Kaur Singh, Gaanesh Subramaniam , Daniel Reidpath, Pascale Allotey
32 – 47
114 An ethnographic mapping of alcohol accessibility in different ethnic communities residing in urban and semi-urban areas within Klang Valley, Malaysia
Sangeeta Kaur Singh, Daniel Reidpath, Pascale Allotey
48 – 64
116 Implementation of 21st Century Learning and the Challenges
Norazlin Mohd Rusdin and Siti Rahaimah Ali
65 – 73
118 Perceptions of Foreign Language Study among KPTMAS Students
Nur Hazwani Mohd Zanuddin, Yasmin Salim, Nor Intan Saniah Sulaiman
74 – 79
120 Hospital Disaster Preparedness-The Real Situation on 2014 Flood Disaster
Norsyazana Ahmad Zamree, Noor Azzah Said, Suzyrman Sibly
80 – 88
122 Limitations encountered by Women “Petty Traders” in Urban Areas of Penang
Lalitha Ramasamy
89 – 98
125 A Project Management Curriculum Review through the Interviews with Project Managers
Linariza Haron
99 – 111
126 Towards Maqashid Sharia-based Conceptual Framework of Islamic Financial Reporting in Indonesia: Criticizing “Economic” Decision Usefulness Objective
M. Nur A. Birton and Mahfud Sholihin
112 – 119
127 Business Interaction and Power Structures of Coastal Communities (Study in Sendang Biru Malang Indonesia)
Asfi Manzilati, Anthon Efani, Yenny Kornitasari
120 – 131
133 Challenges and Coping Strategies among Clients in the National Blue Ocean 3 (NBOS3) Program
Juliana Rosmidah Jaafar , Siti Marziah Zakaria, Norulhuda Sarnon @ Kusenin
132 – 137
134 Environmental Scanning Practices of 5-Star Hotels in Malaysia
Haliza Mohd Said, Nor Khomar Ishak, Sayeed Siddiq
138 – 147
136 Motivation of Postgraduate Learners in Pursuing Their Doctoral Degree through Collaborative Learning
Zulaika Zakariah, Raemah Abdullah Hashim, Nuruljannah Musa
148 – 153
140 The Estimation of Medical Cost for Ischemic Heart Disease
Saiful Azril Bin Ishak , Sarah Nadirah Mohd Johari, Arwin Idham Mohamad, Associate Professor Mohd Hanafi Tumin, ASA
154 – 158
147 A qualitative study on factors influencing older consumer dining out behaviour
Lalitha Ganesan, Ainul Zakiah Abu-Bakar, Mohhidin Othman, Sharifah Azizah Haron
159 – 167
150 Student Centered Pedagogy: from the Perspective of Professional Accounting Education
Nor Farizal Mohammed, Azizah Abdullah
168 – 176
153 Carbon emission: Motivation to disclose
Wan Norhayati Wan Ahmad, Azharuddin Ali
177 – 185
155 Rationalization of using practical action research method in course development for entrepreneurship training programme
Muhammad Rosni Bin Amir Hussin
186 – 192
157 The Actants and KPI in Privatization of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
Nur Azliani Haniza Che Pak, Norhayati Mohd Alwi, Suhaiza Ismail, Shamsul Nahar Abdullah
193 -201
161 Strategic Thinking Research Using Grounded Theory
Mohmad Yazam Sharif, Siti Syamsul Nurin Mohmad Yazam
202 – 207
163 Asian broadcasters telling compelling stories using technology: a case study from Malaysia
Ramachandran Ponnan, Raja Ridzuan Raja Azhar, Yang Lai Fong , Tan Poh Ling, Nabeel Khan
208 – 215
164 Understanding Sustainability from the Perspective of Bourdieu: in the Case of Palm Oil Industry
Adura Ahmad, Ooi Sue Chern
216 - 225





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