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No. Paper Page
1 The Exploratory Study of ERP Systems Usage Problem and its Coping Mechanism: The Deployment of Feral System.
Sharina Tajul Urus and Alemayehu Molla
2 A Historical Evolution of the Malay Travel Culture
Noor Azam Azmi & Badaruddin Mohamed & Salasiah Che Lah.
3 How Come there is No Male Respondent in Your Study?: Vulnerability and Risks
Hadijah Jaffri
4 Battling Bad Weather along the Way: Meaning Making in Narrative Inquiry and its Challenges
Narina A. Samah
5 Vignettes: An Alternative Qualitative Method for Studying Mixed-Heritage Individuals with Limited Heritage Language Abilities
Mahanita Mahadhir, Nor Fariza Mohd Nor and Hazita Azman
6 The Construction of a Measuring Tool for the Health Management Research on Malaysian Hajj Pilgrim: The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Approach
Nor Radhiah Mat Nor, Rosminah Mohamed, Suhaimi Ab.Wahab and Omar Osman
7 Influential Financial Factors of Employee Engagement Outcomes within SMEs Business in Malaysia: A Qualitative Study
Safiah Rashid and Mohd Amy Azhar Mohd Harif
8 Predecessors' Attitude toward Conflict Predictor of Family Business Sustainability
Linda Salim, Mohd. Noor Shariff, Darwina Ahmad Arshad and Ruswiati Suryasaputra
9 Actor-Network Theory and Inter-Organizational Management Control: A Research Note
Nur Haiza Muhammad Zawawi
10 Decision-making Behaviour of Real Estate Investors: A Delphi Study in Australia and Malaysia
Consilz Tan, Leland Entrekin and David Butler
11 A Review on Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in Virtual Community
Nor Intan Saniah Sulaiman, Noraini Hasmuni, Ruzleeta Zakaria and Nerda Zura Zaibidi
12 Entrepreneurial Attitude of Disabled People Towards Edu– Tourism Industry
Lily Julienti Abu Bakar, Armanurah Mohamad, Syahrina Abdullah, Nor Intan Saniah Sulaiman and Norzalinda Mohd Ali Hanafiah
13 Challenges of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and Their Influence on Adoption of Forensic Accounting: A Conceptual Framework
Ibrahim Umar, Rose Shamsiah Bt Samsudin, and Mudzamir Bin Mohamed
14 Travel of Ideas: Its Story  
Zaharah Hussin and Chew Cheng Meng
15 Jasmine Used Book Store in Taiwan: A SWOT Analysis
Sze-Huey Soo, Yen-Nee Goh and Rosly Othman
16 Corporate Social Responsibility Communication and Legitimacy in Indonesia Islamic Banking
Adi Susilo Jahja, Ruswiati Surya Saputra and Subramaniam A/L Sri Ramalu
17 Developing Model for e-Collective Management Practice: A Participatory Action Research Case in Kolej Universiti Selatan
Lee Huah and Mohamad Hisyam Selamat
18 Initial Exploratory Qualitative Study on Halal Supply Chain Awareness in Hong Kong
Sariwati Mohd Shariff, Saadiah Yahya and Shirley Mo Ching Yeung
19 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations: the Nigeria and Pakistan Experiences
Saiqa Sadiq, Aminu Yusuf Dikko, Abbo Usman and Zawiyah Mohd
20 A Malaysian Chevrotain Visit to New Zealand: An Authoethnographic Account of Cultural Variation
Awang Rozaimie, Affidah Morni and Siti Huzaimah Sahari
21 A Review on The Selection Of Granular Fertilizer Distribution Methods For Malaysia’s Paddy Field In Large Scale
Eng Pei Ying, Mohd Zamani bin Ngali and Mohd Taufik Ahmad
22 Modeling An Effective Corporate Social Responsibility Based on Systems Theory and Management Functions: A Case Study in Indonesia
Astrie Krisnawati, Gatot Yudokoand Yuni Ros Bangun
23 Qualitative Research in Marketing: Exploring Habituated Reality  
Tony Wilson
24 Forensic Accounting Investigation for Fighting Public Sector Corruption in Nigeria: A Conceptual Paper
Naziru Suleiman and Zaleha Othman
25 Conceptual Framework on Halal Ritual Cleansing Integrity in Halal Logistics
Noorsiah Ahmad and Sariwati Mohd Shariff
26 The Conceptualization of Education Equity in International Governance: A Discourse Analysis of OECD Documents
Minh Q. Huynh
27 Initial Exploratory Analysis during the Halal Supply Chain Stakeholders’ Engagement Programme
Hanini Ilyana Che Hashim and Sariwati Mohd Shariff
28 Lean Moderates Resistance to Change: Literature Review
Mohamed Shamaun Yushak, Yahya Hashim, Suh Wan Chul and Nooh Abu Bakar
29 Halal Supply Chain Stakeholders’ Engagement Programme – Initial Exploratory Analysis towards Retail Study in Malaysia
Nur Hima Muhamad Rahim, Sariwati Mohd Shariff and Anizah Zainuddin
30 Conceptions of Value as Family Resemblances: A Theoretical Model and Methodology
Ron Fisher, Mark Francis, Andrew Thomas, Kath Mutter and Owen Jones
31 Fusion: Cross-Domain Research on Cross-Domain Innovation
CJ Meadows
32 The Mathematical Beliefs and Practice of Primary Teachers and Factors that Limit Belief-Practice Consistency
Mohamed Shameem Adam, Robin Averill and Michael Drake
33 Islamic Accounting Anthropology: A Constructivist Methodological Alternative
Aji Dedi Mulawarman and Ari Kamayanti
34 Microfinance for Microenterprise: A Study on Women Petty Traders in Penang, Malaysia
Lalitha Ramasamy
35 Investigating Sustainability of Social Enterprises in Vulnerable Regions: The Case of Baitul Qiradh Baiturrahman in Aceh 
Wuri Handayani
36 Understanding the Social Engagement of a Select Group of Deaf Individuals 
Favie, Anna Paulina L., Faral, Isabelle Joy, Lance Xavier Guiseppe V. Feliciano, April Joy M. Gascon, M.A.N, R.N., and Cara Jaye Francesca G. Garcia M.A.N, R.N.
37 Management Control System in an Outsourced Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
Che Pak, Nur Azliani, Abdullah, Shamsul Nahar, Ismail, Suhaiza and Mohd Alwi, Norhayati
38 Environmental Information: Pressures, Types and Usage
Stephanie Phang Tsu Way, A.K. Siti Nabiha and Dayana Jalaludin
39 Mental Illness Portrayal in Media: A Content Analysis of Malaysian Newspapers
Zul Azlin Razali, Suhaila Sanip and Rabi’atul ‘Adawiyah Saad
40 Barriers to Purchasing Social Responsibility Activities in Northern Malaysia: A Focus on Labour and Health & Safety 
Loo Saw Khuan and Ellisha Nasruddin
41 Validity, Reliability and Triangulation in Case Study Method: An Experience
Zeittey Karmilla Kaman and Zaleha Othman
42 Ethical Values in Malaysian Printed Advertising
Noor Hanan Mohd Jafar, Raja Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob, Laili Mardziah Tajuddin and Nor Aziyana Abd Rahman
43 Halal Governance in Malaysia
Nornadia Matulidi, Harlina Suzana Jaafar and Ahmad Naqiyuddin Bakar
44 Corporate Governance Development in Malaysia
Nurul Ain Ibrahim
45 How Blog Discussions Shape Year 12 Students’ Argumentative Writing
Shihanath Ibrahim and Saratha Sithamparam
46 Exploring Ihsan-based Leadership among Academic Leaders
Abdul Halim Busari, Kaswadi Ali, Zaimuariffudin Shukri Nordin and Abg Izhar Abg Ahmad
47 A Qualitative Case Study on the Use of Balance Scorecard to Control Performance of a Local Government Owned Water Supply Company in Indonesia
Agung Praptapa, Mohd. Azlan B Yahya and Norfaiezah Binti Sawandi
48 Current Disclosure Practices by zakat Institutions In Malaysia: An Exploratory Study
Raedah Sapingi, Sherliza Puat Nelsonand Siti Normala Sheikh Obid
49 Phenomenography Approach in Marketing
Sivakumari Supramaniam, Richard J Varey and Mary FitzPatrick
50 The Proton-Rover Saga: A Business History Approach
Mohmad Yazam Sharif
51 Potential Causes and Outcomes of Communication Conflicts at the Workplace -A Qualitative Study in Pakistan
Sadia Deep, Berhanndin Mohd Salleh and Hussain Othman
52 Managing Social and Economic Performance in Social Enterprise: A Review of Literature
A. Z. Siti-Nazariah, A. K. Siti-Nabiha and Zubir Azhar




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