This conference covers various disciplines of qualitative knowledge and encourages the augmentation of research among researchers and industries. The conference is proposed with the intention to promote and stimulate qualitative research at national and international level. Undoubtedly, there are many studies conducted and contributed in many ways, particularly for the quantitative areas. However, in the proliferation of knowledge, the acculturation of qualitative research should also be emphasised to ensure a balance between both. Hence, this conference is expected to be the catalyst to the encouragement of qualitative research in various disciplines. Such understanding in qualitative research would garner significant contribution to understand the real problems in industries and suggest possible solutions to overcome it.

This conference is specifically organised to promote the concept of sharing information, ideas and knowledge of current issues that include various area such as accounting, information technology, education, economics, psychology, law and other disciplines. Through the presentations of conceptual framework, methodological foundations and research findings and exchange of knowledge between experts of various fileds could provide a valuable and contructive input towards the betterment of society.


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